Our Relationship With McDonald's

While the majority of the operating budget is the House's responsibility, the House receives invaluable assistance from the McDonald's New York Tri-State Owner/ Operators organization on a local level, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities on a national level.

The relationship between the House and McDonald's is two-fold. On a local level, the McDonald's New York Tri-State Owner/ Operators organization plays a major role in the House.

They guaranteed half of the original mortgage. In 1994, they rescued the House with a $200,000 gift to correct drainage problems that had caused a major flood. In 1996, they contributed more than $100,000 toward a much-needed renovation project. Seven years ago, they committed $1.8 million to the expansion of the facility.

The Tri-State Owner/ Operators also help promote many House fundraising events, such as the Annual Lloyd Frazier Memorial Golf & Tennis Outing and the Annual New York Mets Event. In addition, six Owner/Operators are members of our Board of Directors.

On a national level, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, give each newly established House $25,000 seed money as well as the license to use its name. It also provides a host of administrative services and operating standards and secures support from national donors. Examples of such donors are Coca Cola, which provides beverages to the Houses nationwide and Select Comfort, a company that supplies bedding and mattresses.

Although the majority of the operating budget is our responsibility, the relationship with McDonald's is crucial. While they are a substantial partner to the House, our operating funds are sustained through fundraisers, legislative grants and the generosity of the community.